Tuesday, September 23, 2008

blog blog bloggity bliz .
i like drums and cymbals.
last night i played a 21" mel lewis agop ride and a zildjian "old" 18" remix ride that i got from my friend tim, and my old standby paiste traditional hihats, which are trustworthy in sounds beyond my imagination. i wanted to buy these old camco's but i'm broke so i couldn't, they were a good deal because they didn't have the "original" "everythings" i'm tired of that stuff, i think drums should be playable not nice looking. i mean, i don't mind them looking nice, but with drums, to me, the looks are not top priority . geez. and why should a drumset ever cost 7000 dollars? it reminds me of our current financial issues here, its just because some bro decided to see how much he "could" get, and now everything is ridiculously expensive. i hope the people who buy those 7000$ drumsets play the shit out of them because if they do, then im cool with it.
anyhow its raining so i think i might put on some records and sit on my porch.

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