Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    i've been enjoying a lot of nights off(or trying to enjoy, i get a little squirmy)  ...anyhow, thats starting to change this weekend.  i'll be back with the new primitives thursday dec 1st at nye's. always a pleasure to play the reggae/world beat with these dudes.  Saturday the 3rd i'll be at hell's kitchen 6-9pm with james buckley and bryan nichols, then cruising to my first gig at the new club in st paul the amsterdam.  i'll be playing 2 sets there, 10pm with Erik Koskinen band, the midnightish with All Tomorrow's Petty, a lovely tom petty cover band with James Diers(Halloween Alaska) Jacob Hanson(Halloween AK, Mason Jennings) Robert Skoro(Mason Jennings, Brand new super-dad) and Joey Kantor(Rogue Valley). we basically have way too much fun playing tom petty songs. 
    next week i'm back at it with Zacc Harris Quartet(w/ Chris Bates, and Bryan Nichols) at the Black Dog Cafe at 8pm, then zipping to 7th St. Entry for Marijuana Deathsquads set(10:30ishpm) for P.O.S. ' night of the Doomtree Blowout.  After that I shift my focus to a new group "Boxcar" with Jeremy Walker(piano/compositions) Anthony Cox(bass) and Wessell Anderson(saxophones) we'll be playing in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Denver...more info on this soon.

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